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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
I like the idea of Drum Kit, but after I create my stacks and relocate production to Studio One I have to reload the samples from Drum Kit into something else like S.O.'s Impact.
FYI: You can always to do this:
- Run your drum parts in 2 stacks: one w/ the sequencer, one with the DrumKit, where the DrumKit is all tweaked to your liking.
-Whenever you want to run those drum sounds in StudioOne, export the stack from Numerology, then import it into the NumerologyVST in StudioOne.

i.e. just treat the N3 VST running the DrumKit as another instrument plugin, no sequencing...

Also, just to clear things up in this area: Both the DrumKit and the AudioSample expand all audio files internally to 32 bit floats -- roughly equivalent to 24-bit AIFF in resolution. The sample rate is not converted on load, but the sampler engine tweaks the playback pitch to compensate.

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