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Originally Posted by damianschwartz View Post
You're THE man Jim! this is really great

I don't know if this went on to the Numerology Requests as i don't come much on the Forum, but it would be great to implement Altered scales on Vector (also in Numerology) like Major Phrigyan, Lydian minor 7th... It'd be definetely amazing to have Just intonation scales for Ragas, being a CV module it would allow for microtonal configs! Well, just thinking out loud
Well, in Numerology, you can always use the Custom Scale module (N4 Pro) to get custom quantization behaviors. As for scale quantization on the module, the main scales will be fixed (for first release anyway). Keep in mind that since you will have actual note readouts, it will be much easier to get specific notes than it would with any sequencer that uses sliders or pots to specify notes.

As for micro-tuning on the module, I haven't made a final decision yet, but that item is on the 'nice to have' list -- and asking for it helps!

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