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Originally Posted by tkay76 View Post
This is just fantastic! Been wishing for a Numerology sequencer in EURO for years now. Don't want to use the computer for anything else than recording and mixing.
Yup -- I've noticed quite a few folks going that way...

Originally Posted by tkay76 View Post
Is there an ETA on the VECTOR? And what about price?
At NAMM, I reported a general timeframe of "Summer 2017" and "around $700" for the price. Those are both estimates -- with hardware there is a whole new set of variables to deal with. The release timeframe depends primarily on how quickly I can finalize the hardware, finish the software, and complete a proper test cycle. The final price depends primarily on the final component costs -- something I am working to minimize, but until I get a final quote on "boards and parts" for the next round of hardware revisions, I will not know for sure.

A couple hardware changes to note:

- I'm dropping the "MIDI In" 3.5 mm jack for a USB A jack --- the latter is more flexible, and even a touch cheaper (no need to give you an adapter cable) -- but more work on the software side for the driver and device testing.

- I'm dropping one of the 4 "run/clock" jacks, there will now be 3: Run, Clock, Reset -- each of which will be switchable between input and output and by function. For instance you could have run & clock as inputs for sync, but reset as an output. That setup is a bit more flexible, and helps make room for the USB A jack. Also: there are 8 trigger outputs on the back, whose functions will be assignable as well...

While I'm at it, a quick software update:

- USB MIDI and "Mass Storage" mode are working for the USB B jack on the current prototype.

- The SD card is working well. In "normal" working mode, the SD card will be used for loading/saving preset banks. There will be a "disk" mode whereby connecting the unit via USB to a computer will mount the SD Card as a mass storage device on your computer for backing up preset banks, loading firmware updates, etc.

- I've got custom fonts working for the OLED displays, so a much improved UI layout is coming soon.

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