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Default Working around the randomization-limitations?

I am checking out the demo of Numerology 4 at the moment & soon stumbled upon a randomization-limit:

"In all cases, the generator algorithms only modify the parameters that are critical for the algorithm to do achieve it’s musical goals. This means that you can significantly alter the type of pattern generated by manually setting other parameters. For instance, none of the MonoNote generators currently set sequencer direction, key, octave, note quantization, skip steps, mute steps, random jump, groove, repeat or divide. In addition, none of the algorithms set the length of the sequence (or the start and end points). By settings these parameters yourself, either before or after you run the generator, you can significantly influence the results. "

the reasoning behind this is also explained this way:
"The “Rnd” (randomize) generators are all pure parameter randomizations. They vary only in the number of parameters randomized. In addition, the randomization of many parameters is limited to avoid extreme cases"

Honestly I came to Numerology in search of options for such extreme cases. I am just a sucker of randomization, probably not everybody is.

So for me at least, this just begs for a feature to create custom randomization algorithms deciding what to include/exclude yourself,
like in the Evolve-feature, but with all options & total randomization.
(Midi-Controlling min / max values of randomization would rock even more, but this is not my personal dream-land is it? )

Let me explain my problem some more:

I understand that I can randomize a certain step/function by assigning a S&H modulator e.g for note-quantization, but then I got to add sooo many running LFOs instead of simply clicking "random". Also in the Groove-Option, e.g. I'd have to add a LFO-modulator to every step of the sequencer as far as I can see. That would be alltogether >9000 S&H LFOs... & my CPU 2.9 GHz Intel Core 7 seems already busy with 4 LFOs. Not to mention managing that many LFOs. Is there an easier option? Unfortunately not many options in "evolve" either. Would be cool to see over there all the "blocked from randomization" parameters.

After digging a bit deeper I found a more elegant way than lots of S&Hs would be paramod: e.g. taking the randomized CV1 from the MonoNote through paramod into the "rnd-blocked" parameter, say, "Divide" then taking CV2 into the 2nd paramod channel to modulate the ParamIndex to get to all the steps of Divide, but this results for me somehow in mild alterations of Divide-steps, some steps even not changing at all, not sure why this is. Maybe you Numerology-Ninjas can point me to a much better workaround to find my totally randomized sequencer path?
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