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very cool!
I continued working on my goals, couldn't wait, lol, numerology is the first audio software I have fun playing/learning without any sound.

this are the news in my randomization quest:
CV out of MonoNote has to be scaled with the setting Scale: 2 Offset: -1 before going into ParamMod to work in the full range. Together with modulation of the Index as described above it seems like a viable way now to randomize some of the parameters, which have no "addModulation". Not sure if it is the most elegant way.

as for "randomization on button press" following works: button box, set, e.g. button 1 to momentary and connect its CV1 to trigger in of a MonoNote, which has to be set to the mode CV Trig: Step, then using its CV outs as "random values on button press" connecting it through ParamMod to a Target Parameter one would like to "randomly change on button press". (here again CVout from MonoNote has to go through Scale & Offset first before ParamMod)

I stumbled upon two peculiarities:
1) The "Rate" of MonoNote-Sequencer is called "ClockDiv" in the Target Param area which I found out via trial & error as I found nothing about it in the manual via word-search. This is quite counter-intuitive - what is the reasoning behind it? Are there more Target Params which are named differently than their actual Parameters? Where can I find the whole overview?

2) The reason I use MonoNote's CV-out in my "randomly change on button press"-function is because the StepSequencer has no randomization option, which disqualifies it for me as a modulation-source all together, even though it could be perfect (slew! yay + built in ParamMod) & more straight forward than running a whole MonoNote through ParamMod for this rather simple task. This would be my feature request for version5 (or did I miss this option somewhere?).

3) I loaded a VERY big sample (over 3h) into the SampleKit & wow, it plays + start time can be modulated, so cool, but it seems like it is played back in 8bit or some kind of bit-reduction/ sample-rate-reduction taking place - is it because the file is so big? + when trying to dump a, smaller wav-file Numerology quits due to an error... but then works again. Another big file plays also "bit-reduced" & stops after a loud click.

4) Loop-Length sets automatically to 0.1 when modulating Start for a while - it looked to me like it happens when start-point jumps to the end, so there can not be any loop-length at all... so it sets to 0.1? But then it has to be set manually to another value.

My amazement continues to grow. I was building my Eurorack-Modular for a couple of years now, feeling like I am failing all the time. Now I see Numerology does everything I thought Eurorack would do, while in Eurorack it is impossible or in a VERY cumbersome/big/expensive way. A worked out, full Numerology-Performance-Patch + a properly configured multi-scene Midi-Controller does probably for me something a Wall-Sized-Eurorack would do. Damn... on the other hand I would not understand Numerology without my troublesome Euro-quest.

BTW I looked into Numerology a couple of years ago, but it came over as a "complex sequencer" via how it presents itself "in the market" which I found only mildly interesting, while in reality it is a completely modular DAW. It would be infinite ton of work to put this system together in maxmsp or reaktor, which would be the only way I know of...
Dear Jim, you should rename it in version 5 to Understatementlogy.

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