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New Module: The Sample Kit (in the 'Audio Synths' module group)

This is a new module that will eventually replace both the DrumKit and SampleSynth. It has the same basic capabilities of both of those modules, plus some updates:

- A new UI with a cleaner layout.
- A zoomable waveform with waveform overview.
- The waveform automatically widens as you widen the main UI.
- You can have up to 32 'parts'.
- Each part can be expanded and collapsed independently.
- The module auto-resizes based on the number of parts & whether they are expanded or collapsed.
- There are two boundary setting modes: 'Start, Loop, End' and 'Start, Length'.
- Up to 8 mute groups.
- Assignable per-part outputs.
- Mute & Solo for all parts.
- Master volume & mute controls.
- It does not glitch when doing certain tricks involving modulated start & end points.
@not glitch...YES!!!!!! But i can't find it in build 141. Bummer. Will it have equal power crossfades as well (Like Live's Simpler & Sampler have), or will this be implemented someday? Important for smooth loops without volume dips like is the case with linear crossfades.

Push : Now has basic knob support for the Mixer pages (Volume, Pan, Aux Send) and many 'Rack Edit' pages.
- Push : The LCD now displays values for all Mixer pages.
THANK YOU!!!! Now please add faderbox support for those knobs....please.....?

One little thing: when i adjust a mixer setting with the mouse, it doesn't update on Push's display. It doesn't cause 'parameter jumps' or whatever though.

Awesome work Jim!!!!! Once again the man proves he IS Superman without ever bragging about it.....

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