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Originally Posted by SolarRainUK View Post
Hi Jim. Was the bug with projects loading up, being 1 BPM out fixed? I'm using 1.2.0 and still getting this issue (very minor I know) ie projects saved with 116 tempo loading up as 115bpm. But I'm wondering if it's because I'm still loading old projects..
Yes, I'm still seeing this bug even with new projects. I wouldn't call it 'very minor' either, altho obviously not catastrophic. It's just plain annoying to have to remember to look at the BPM and correct it with every Project load.

Another bug I just noticed: Half of the Shift+[param] operations on SEQ CTL pg2 don't work while in that page; e.g. the Shift+Clear, Mute, Gen, & Evo do work, but the Shift+Dbl, Inv, Sh-L, & Sh-R don't. Oddly, they will work in many of the other pages, like Pitch, Gate, etc., but it seems to me they should definitely work in the page you're in when you're most likely to use them, the SEQ CTL page.
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