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Default NPS - The Numerology Performance System


here is something real big:

NPS - The Numerology Performance System

You can use it with the ChordSeq or play it live from your keyboard.
The only restriction in the moment is that the notes that start it have to be in the range C3 to C5.

Known Bugs:
It is not possible to rename the highest stacks, it does not work
Some connections are not shown, but it seems to work

So please Jim have a look to this, Thank You!

It takes some time to load, the project is BBIIIIGG!!
When I remember right mutch more than 400 modules.

All you have to set is in the Keys and Notes stack to set your melody, your loop points and start the transport. If you want to play live deactivate the ChordSeq and set your incomming MIDI.
You could also deactivate the ChordSeq and play on the KeyboardModule.

Please keep in mind that the transport must be started!

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