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Apologies for the delay replying, I've been traveling a bitů

Originally Posted by DDJ View Post
Hi there, brand new to the forum. Brand new to Numerology (a few months with Silent Way and the ES40-ESX8MD). So far I've been able to get simple sequencing happening from the numerology vst in Live via the ES4 controller. It's been an absolute blast to be honest. What I haven't been able to do is get either of the drum sequencers to control my Yamaha RX5 or Beats. I can clock them with silent way just fine, no sequencing though. A friend and I were able to get it to work with his setup using the drum sequencer to control his DMX via his midisport so I'm assuming the problem is with how I'm setting up silent way+numerology in live. Has anyone had any experiences with this?
I don't know the ES40+ESX8CV combo very well, but I have setup an ES3 & a gate expander (I think it is the ESX8 Gate, but I don't have it with me). It was a bit tricky to setup, and Os can probably help you more there than I can -- check for his videos for setup in Live -- Numerology will be similar, same MIDI setup, just a different host. The rough outline goes like this:

- Use the 'appropriate' SW plugin -- not the voice controller, but I'm not sure which one for the ESX8CV -- ask Os if the ESX8 manual isn't clear about it.

- You should be able to use that plugin to convert 8 consecutive MIDI notes to gate values (for triggering drums) on the 8 CV ports.

Originally Posted by DDJ View Post
The second problem seems a bit silly. I can't get silent way into the Numerology standalone program. I have ProTools and Live on my computer and every time I try to do anything with the silent way application to do anything outside of Live it wants to open in ProTools. I'm sure there is a simple solution but I can't see anything in preferences or anything like that. A greyed out Silent Way does show up in a midi drop down menu if I have Live and the standalone N4 program open but it doesn't do anything.
This sounds like you have PT already running when you start Numerology -- when that is the case Numerology starts in ReWire mode -- you should see the indicator for it in N4's transport. The clue here is that the SW plugin UI is opening in PT -- that is normal when Numerology is running in ReWire mode. Two easy fixes: Don't run PT until after N4 is started, or in N4's prefs, Installation, click to un-install the ReWire driver, then restart N4.

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