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Originally Posted by Per Boysen View Post
Why not just allow the Push's velocity sensitive pad's values? I mean, it is the Keyboard module and people are supposed to PLAY it!
The Push mapping for the keyboard does carry velocity through, but the Launchpad does not have velocity, and the two mappings share the same grid layout (and almost all the code)...

Originally Posted by Per Boysen View Post
One last question, if you don't mind:
What about controlling the tempo from the Push, is that possible in 151? Push's left encoder knob named "Tempo Encoder" would be nice to hook up for tempo tweaking.

Oh, and does the keyboard's (Push's) AfterTouch make it into a Numerology hosted AU Synth? (Push players have both Mono and Poly Aftertouch)
I'm pretty sure aftertouch does not… I'll check both of those when I look into the sustain pedal thing…

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