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Default Logic X and N4 AUMX : Quick Setup

This is a super-short setup guide for setting up the Numerology AUMX plugin in Logic X:

- In your LogicX project, create a new Software Instrument Track with any instrument --- or just pick an existing track. FYI: Logic will not route MIDI from Audio Unit MIDI Effects to external sources.

- From the MIDI FX menu on the instrument track's channel, choose Audio Units, Five12, NumerologyAUMX.

- Then, in the Numerology AUMX's editor panel, drag any of the NoteSequencer modules into the Modules area -- image below. If you do not see the Module Browser on the left-hand-side of the plugin UI, click on the "Browser" tab, then "Modules.

- By default, the MonoNote will generate quarter notes in it's default state. All of the other modules need something programmed into them -- see the manual for the details, but adding notes is very straightforward: On the PolyNote and Matrix seqs, click on the grid to add notes. For the DrumSeqs, click on the step 'sliders' to add drum hits.

- At any time click the play button on the LogicX transport to start the sequencer(s).
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