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Originally Posted by wohali View Post
HI jim, sorry to necrobump, but is there any way to do this in N4? Looking to add e.g. Modes of Limited Transposition to Mononote/PolyNote. I'm fluent in most programming langauges, so if this is something I can add via a bit extra work, just point me in the right direction.

I know I can use the Custom Scale module - but was hoping to have this show up right in the sequencer dropdown itself.
That's still on the to-do list -- the ability to define and load custom scales, but it does help to bring it up again. There are three scales that fit the Modes of Limited Transposition restrictions in the primary list: whole tone, and two octatonic variants. But for now, you have to use the Custom Scale module for the other ones.

One question: Is the Custom Scale module sufficient to cover the ground you're looking to explore?

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