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Originally Posted by continuous View Post
Thanks for the quick reply Jim, you rule!

Although that is great news that the Launchpad will be able to be switched back and forth from controlling Numerology to 'Ableton control mode', I was really hoping to be able to use the Session View control! Ahhh... maybe this is not possible. Still good news though.
Live keeps control over Session and Mixer -- pushing them always returns control to Live. User1 is a possibility, but every time there is a switch between User1 & User2, Live seems to clear the Launchpad's grid, which could be a pain when trying to quickly navigate the Numerology mapping. What I think will work pretty well is to have something like this:
- Push User1 : go to rack nav mode
- Select a module, go to rack edit mode
- Push User1 twice : go to "Presets" mode.

So a double-push on User1 will act as a replacement for the session button -- not too bad, all things considered.

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