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Originally Posted by BMG View Post
Issue #1 Numerology on every startup caused OS to ask question: Numerology wants to make a change...enter password.
This is a minor (and harmless) bug — will be fixed in the next build.

Originally Posted by BMG View Post
Issue #2 Numerology "crashes" after about 20mins of use. Not sure if crash is the right description as the GUI is responsive but can't start sequence or edit Expert sleepers silentway. The save project dialog appeared to work but nothing got saved.
If it happens again, do this:
- Start /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor
- Find Numerology in the list of apps, select it, then pick “Sample Process” from the action menu.
- Email me the full results of that report.

Originally Posted by BMG View Post
Can I ask for two things:
#1 what is the correct way to clean down Numerology and do a complete fresh reinstall.
To remove everything before a re-install:
- Delete /Applications/
(also delete any other copies of the app you may have elsewhere — Desktop, etc).

- Rename the folder: ~/Music/Five12 to something else.
In addition to various support files, that folder may contain saved projects and stacks you’ve made, so I don’t recommend deleting it.

- Delete prefs:
(Option-click the ‘Go’ menu in Finder to see the Library dir)

- Delete the plugins and ReWire driver
/Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire/NumerologyReWireDevice.plugin

Originally Posted by BMG View Post
#2 How do I get a new activation code?
Email me! (For anyone else reading: Send an email to info (at) five12 (dot) com, include your
full name and serial number — makes it easier for me to look things up.)

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