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Yes Wade, this method does work. The problem is not quite fixed though but it is improved. The way I work is to chain arpeggiators together so that the first plays one instrument (let's say in 1/16ths) whilst the second instance of Numerology takes the midi of the first and feeds it into the arpeggiator (running at say 4 whole bars per step) to make drones out of the notes (this is why I needed the advice from you in the first place). This means the first arpeggiator has a "logical" influence on the second and I can concentrate on other tasks. The problem is the time lag between the two. The second arpeggiator needs to take it all the notes before it can make its own arpeggiation.

The Hard Sync you have solved for me. Any advice on eliminating the time lag completely? I suppose that it is impossible, right?

Thanks for your help though so far. Really useful!

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