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Originally Posted by tvrdi View Post
What i need the most is syncing recorded audio and midi...any other way to di this?
I can think of 3 options:

- Record MIDI and Audio stems in Numerology per track. If you then drop those into Reaper, they should line up exactly.

- Use N4 ReWired to Reaper -- then all audio runs directly into Reaper. For MIDI, use an IAC bus or the same approach as above, or drag MIDI clips directly from stacks -- see the little 'note' well on the Stack Out module.

- MIDI-Sync one to the other.

Originally Posted by tvrdi View Post
I dont want to lose transport option on launchpad by slaving it to some other host.
This one I'm a bit confused about -- if you have Numerology set to use the Launchpad, it should work fine regardless of what Reaper is up to...

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