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Originally Posted by Valery_Kondakoff View Post
Let me support the topic starter and reviwe the 4-years old thread. I'm pretty sure the different sequence loop length for notes and controllers will simplify the workflow a lot.

Here is a quick example: There is a 8-note length sequence. To complement it I want to loop a 3-step velocity sequence, so the first note is at maximum velocity (127), second: 90 and third: 100.

Isn't it intuitive just to loop the notes to 8 steps and velocity to 3 steps in the same window?

Thank you.
The op (me) simply gave up on this. I rarely use numerology anymore, partly as a result of this. Ultimately the problem became my lack of understanding of modularity, which I find pretty hilarious. Of course, I have no 'right' to demand any changes, but I do find my request to be pretty damn basic (perhaps not from a programming perspective) for someone who uses sequencers like I do.
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