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Default Numerology 4.1 Build 154 (w/ MIDI Import…)

Numerology 4 Build 154

Several long-awaited fixes, some goodies, and a big new feature.

Now don't panic if your favorite MIDI file doesn't load properly. There are a few known cases (multi-track files, triplet meter, long files) that it doesn't handle yet, and I'm sure there will be a few others. MIDI import works for the MonoNote, PolyNote and DrumSeq -- just drag n drop any .mid file from the finder or N4 Browser directly onto the appropriate module. Keep in mind that each sequencer will map each file as best it can given it's own capabilities… And do me any files that don't load properly!!

A note on DrumSeq importing: It can handle up to 8 or 16 notes, based on the number of tracks. It will look for any notes in the file that match the already-assigned notes for tracks, and map those directly. Any left-over tracks will be assigned new notes on a first-come, first-mapped basis. Remember that you can easily setup your own DrumSeq prototype with custom note mappings...

Also, a super-big thanks to Tommy Zai for getting me a big batch of files to help w/ testing!

Release Notes:

MIDI Import:

The MonoNote, PolyNote & DrumSeq modules now support import of MIDI (.mid) files, subject to the
capabilities of each module. For instance, the MonoNote will 'mono-ize' any added file. Similarly,
the DrumSeq will support up to 16 different notes in a loaded MIDI file. The PolyNote is the most
flexible, but there are still some limitations, in particular notes started at the same time must
end at the same time.

There are a couple un-implemented bits:
- It can't currently handle multi-track MIDI files.
- It doesn't handle files with triplet-meter correctly yet.
- It could handle longer files better.

- Project files: Last stack selected, browser/preset tab position and stack scroll positions now remembered.

- Push : MIDI From the Pedal inputs is now passed through with the Keyboard module.
- Push : Fixed a crash that could happen when switching modes.
- Push : Fixed some drawing issues in 'Rack Nav' mode with N4 plugins
- Push : Presets, Volume & Pan modes now poperly supported with N4 plugins.

- N4 App & ReWire : No AU reset on transport stop -- means better revert/delay tails.
- MonoNote : fixed a subtle timing issue relative to other sequencers.

- Stack MIDI Input : Fixed an issue where you had to have both a MIDI input and MIDI output
set to send MIDI commands directly to the Stack -- i.e. Preset MIDI Assignments & "Prog Change 127"
to trigger 'exit loop'.

- Module Preset & MIDI File Drag & Drop : Fixed a UI issue whereby the 'drag target' indicator could
be drawn with the wrong border in some cases.
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