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ok, so mine has arrived.... first impression ... wow

ok, some initial tests...
the notes/CC that are used for the pads/encoders input and output are identical! (good for ableton making it compatible!)
... and the vibrant colours make N4 look awesome!

so now the 'changes'
- you wont get any text on the display, as we knew the 'api' for this has completely changed.
- 'user mode' is now only active when using Live, so this means...

when using N4 when LIVE is NOT running , you need to use the "ableton push 2 LIVE port"
when using N4 when LIVE is running, you need to use the "ableton push 2 USER port"

so this i think is a bit different...

actually I think overall the news is pretty good, hopefully over the next few days I will take a look at the display side.

as for can this be done from python... WELL, its not known yet.
what I know so far is :
a) when Live is running, though a process called Push2Display , this looks to have a IPC mechanism, so this would be possible via Python. as yet I don't know how 'primitive' this interface can get....
b) it may be possible when NOT running Live to run Push2Display, and access in the same way 'standalone'
c) access via USB device, this is how Push2Display works, I need to work out the low level usb protocol for this, this the code to expose this will need to be writing in C/C++.

and just as a 'tasty morsel' to keep you interested, Push2DisplayProcess has an emulator mode, which appears to emulate a push 2 - I believe its a debug tool, presumably so developers can test things without a push attached. (possibly before push2 was in manufacturing? ), seems to cover both input and output, but don't know fully till Ive managed to get Live to start it in emulator mode

anyway... now I'm off to make some music with it
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