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Hi Jim, sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but of course I spoke too soon here, Cubase 10.0.30 is right now very unstable if I activate the VST on the iMac machine. I'll try on the other machine later.

Basically what I see is that when Numerology VST is installed it is usually blacklisted. If I re-enable it from the plug in manager, Cubase crashes almost every time I try to open a file dialogue or load a project (for example when clicking 'open other' from Hub, or 'Save As'). The plug in does not have to be loaded in a project to get this result. Re-scanning resulting in a Blacklisting, or moving the numerologyVST out of the VST folder fixes it.

Multiple reboots, updated all other plug ins, temporarily removed all other plug ins (especially Lexicon LXP which has caused me problems with heavily loaded projects before), but the only 'fix' I can find is to blacklist or remove numerology VST.

Anything left to try? Or anything I can do that would help you?


Edit - just managed to get it (temporarily?) working by manually moving Numerology VST back into the VST folder and running another plug in scan. This time (unlike earlier today!), doing this didn't result in a blacklisting and Cubase appears ok (for now). Is there some issue that can usually (but not always) result in a Cubase blacklisting that triggers crashes?

Whatever it is seems to persist after the blacklisted version is re-enabled via the Plug-in Manager. No idea on how Cubase caches any of this stuff. I'll let you know if I manage to work anything else out!

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