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Actually in 3.0, you can record drag-n-drop-able Standard MIDI Files directly:

- Make sure your project is saved (so Numerology knows where to write the MIDI files).

- Click the "MIDI Rec Enable" buttons for the stacks you want to record. These buttons are adjacent to the Audio Rec Enable buttons and are at the bottom of every stack and each mixer channel. The MIDI rec button looks like a little MIDI cable.

- Each time you press play, Numerology will record a new take for each record-enabled stack. When recording, a little "REC" indicator will blink on the transport. I plan to add a dedicated master-rec button to the transport later on...

- To get at the files, look in the "sidecar" .media folder for you project. There will be a separate ".mid" file for each take, named with the stack name, stack number and take number.

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