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Originally Posted by Tommy Zai View Post
Can I sequence it all in N3, then record those sequences to my multitrack (the new one from Bias Peak), add the live stuff, (vocals, guitar, etc), FX, mix, and master thus bypassing LOGIC or LIVE or REAPER or other DAW?

What would I lose? I never use the FX or VSTs that are in the DAW. I can mix and master on my multitrack recorder.

Can I throw my DAW out?

I'm working out my own way of Numerology for making music. I don't even use the Daw for mix down.. It's a very diffirent way to make music. I like it very much, but perhaps as it's early days it's not super productive. But the music I produce with it will be unique, and I can't see how I could how gotten to the same place with any other technology..

Give it try.. You can check my many posts on what I've come up with for set up.. Though it's changes almost constantly as I try and juggle the limitations of my CPU..

That's one area where mixing out to a DAW might be a good solution, when you arrangements get too large for numerology..


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