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Default Conductors

Conductors conduct with their bodies, with facial gestures, a baton, A computer musician, has a mouse, maybe a controller. perhaps a large three dimension sensor field where you would move your arm as a conductor is already available or on the drawing board..

Rthymic impuls, the bodies, puls the breath. Subdivisions the language, the mirrors of working rythms banga bang bang bang hit the nail on the head, open the door, slam it, flush the toilet, the coffee cup from the shelf and on the table again again and again.. Down the strairs to the street 49 steps to the corner and you turn down the street and walk 100 steps to the next corner. it's all in your body your sense of the time it takes to get from a to b, what you think as you walk. Do you always think aleast a few of the same thoughts as you take your daily route to the store or work..?

The well worn ruts in a brains interwoven network. The habitual way of talking of thinking of using your body rythm of life..

movement for fun
movement for purpose
uncomfortable movement
springy happy skipping movemnet
The movement of the chore
The movement of fear.
Large arcs, musical movement on the curves on the road. A plane banking in a curve. Centrafugal force..
Downhill rushes increasing velocity
Uphill struggles
pelting rain stacatto
Gusting winds
Gentle breezes
Fluttering leaves wayward but inevitably settling downwards.
Brutal machine gun fire.
Rockets blasting off. Escape velocity.
Soft massage movements. Suggestive opening pressures, catylictic pressures the good pain.
a caressing circular movement

The runner the limper, the elderly and the rollator shuffle, the cat the dog and there complex and effiecient footwork. Machines, controlled distruction, Eating, the person opposite chewing the too tough beefsteak, spasms of pain, ecstacy,

The language. it's contours, angry, happy, bored, mindless babbling, intelligent musing..

Some sources of Time based material I can think of off the top of my head..

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