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Originally Posted by additv View Post
Hi there, I'm really excited about the osc support that's coming in v3, I have a couple questions though:
will osc support extend beyond mapping controls? I.e. Could you record it?
You can't record OSC directly, but you could use a FaderBox and NRPN Gen to convert OSC controllers to high-res MIDI control messages and record those. Of course, that doesn't solve the playback issue...

Originally Posted by additv View Post
Also will there be a way to output osc? I'd dying to have a proper sequencer that can output osc! I do a lot of osc controlled visuals, and have been searching for a sequencing solution for ages!
An OSC generator module is on my list -- for exactly that reason. And hopefully the OSC implementation in Quartz Composer is better than its MIDI implementation...

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