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well actually, cc generation on 98 and 99 has no effect it seems, but using an nrpn generator to set those channels, and then using a cc generator on 6 and 38 allows me to perfectly control the wave selection function of the emx1. However I am totally unable to get drums 4 and 7a to switch waves. I think this has something to do with a possible bug in the nrpn generator...

The adresses for these drum's wave selections are in hex: 0a 00 and 0b 00. I am guessing that the problem here is the zero designation in the lsb section. None of the other wave control nrpns have a zero in the lsb part.

Also I read that I SHOULD be able to use cc generation on 99 and 98 to control msb/lsb addresses, but I was totally unable to achieve this. Have you got them intentionally blocked?
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