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Default Mapping possibilities with QuNeo.

Hello guys, a couple of ( probably stupid ) questions from a noob mapper but I need to start somewhere...

I would like to implement a sort of "focus" mode where each control would depend on the context and I have absolutely no idea how to begin.

For exemple, I would like to implement a next/previous stack function from a specific button on my controller and, depending on the stack which is selected, controls will vary to correspond to which device is present. ( Stack would be prebuilt/mapped, no need to map on the fly...)

In the same manner how could I implement the same next/previous function for stack presets ?

I suppose this is beyond the usual midi learn/one function per knob mapping.

Will it lead me to some hardcore coding stuff or is it accessible to the average ? And of course where to start ?

I plan using the QuNeo as a controller but I didn't mention it in the title since I'm looking for a method rather than a controller specific template, but if any of you are willing to share their QuNeo workflow I would be more tha happy to learn !...

Thanks very much for your help.

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