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Originally Posted by jday View Post
well actually, cc generation on 98 and 99 has no effect it seems, but using an nrpn generator to set those channels, and then using a cc generator on 6 and 38 allows me to perfectly control the wave selection function of the emx1. However I am totally unable to get drums 4 and 7a to switch waves. I think this has something to do with a possible bug in the nrpn generator...
I found some bugs in the NrpnGen module, have fixed, new beta out tomorrow -- there are some other fixes I need to finish and test before I let it out.

Originally Posted by jday View Post
The adresses for these drum's wave selections are in hex: 0a 00 and 0b 00. I am guessing that the problem here is the zero designation in the lsb section. None of the other wave control nrpns have a zero in the lsb part.
That should not be an issue in itself, the only issue should be getting the right output from the NrpnGen. One of the bugs was related to scaling the min/max values properly. Once you have the fix, you should be able to set the min to 0xA00 (== 2560) and the max to 0xB00 (2816), feed the module value of 0.0 and 1.0, and be good to go.

There is a handy HEX to decimal converter here:

I also find MIDI Monitor to be very useful for debugging such issues:

Originally Posted by jday View Post
Also I read that I SHOULD be able to use cc generation on 99 and 98 to control msb/lsb addresses, but I was totally unable to achieve this. Have you got them intentionally blocked?
No, but I think the issue would be having them generate those values in a triggered, synchronized fashion, which they are not really intended for. Hold on till till tomorrow, will have a new build for you then.

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