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Question How do I control a multiple timbres on different MIDI channels with different modules

Hi Numerology community!

I'm really excited about this software, but to do what I want it to do there is a problem. I can't seem to figure out how to have each stack output MIDI on a different channel of the same MIDI out. I have a Korg RADIAS, which is 4 part multitimbral - each timbre can be set to a different MIDI channel. I want each stack going out to a different MIDI channel on the same MIDI out (the MIDI out of my MIDI interface with the synth). Is this possible? I've read about possible workarounds that would allow this with MIDIPipe and such, but it seems other users have sucessfully made different modules go on different channels staying completely within the realm of Numerology. Does anyone have any ideas? I've looked in the manual and I can't find anything on MIDI channels.

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