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Default Whoa nice!

Great job! I've had some thoughts about the drum sequencer muting of tracks, as well. Check my posts. Also have thought about doing scene control in this thread;

Which sounds a little like your trying to do in your second example.

Back to the Drumseq. I'll have to look at what you've set-up

What I like about using the Launchpad combined with a funtionallity as you described above is that you flesh out the hooks you have into the interface deepening the musicality of the tool and increasing the fun factor!!

I just took delivery of teh NI Maschine as well. It's great too, so I think Numerology can extend that setup very nicely. What got me going on the Maschine was the aftertouch on the pads, the visual feedback on the pads, and sound library etc. It works fine as a plug in Numerology although I have a pretty heavy CPU load on my 2.4 Ghz imac. But on the other hand I can offload my CPU heavy synth sequences to Maschines sampler.

Thanks again for the set-up and info.
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