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Default Monomachine + Numerology + Little Phatty workflow

I like to create patterns in Numerology, record those patterns into the Monomachine (MM) sequencer, and then turn my computer off and play live, etc. (I hope that doesn't sound to sacrilegious.) Currently I can connect the MM to my Motu MicroLite (five MIDI i/o) and can accomplish this with no difficulty. However, I also would like to sequence a Little Phatty (has MIDI i/o, no thru) and slave a MIDI MuRF (has MIDI in only). My workflow involves creating patterns in Numerology, then playing them back as I record the MIDI data live to the MM MIDI sequencer. Right now doing that requires disconnecting and connecting various MIDI cables. I think I've a found a solution-- using a MIDI thru box that adds 4 outputs from one MIDI input, as well as another box that merges two incoming MIDI inputs and makes them 1 out. A company called MIDI Solutions makes these solutions, but it sounds like they'll need an additional power supply (normally they can be powered by the MIDI din cabling alone, but note on their site that the MM and Little Phatty are known not to provide adequate power needed).

Obviously, this is getting rather complicated pretty quickly. I feel like I may be going about this the wrong way as well. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of thing, or any ideas. Thanks much.
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