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I've found something which does generate a gate at Start.
Using the Numerology's main Master Clock module, going from Gate Out to Trig In on a Gate Gen module, then from there to a CV to Audio module. Which is basically the same setup as used for the clocking... only, this gives me one single pulse at the start of the Transport.

It's something, but not quite there yet.
What I'd need - I think - is T/G outputs for the internal Transport. Are there accessible somewhere ?

Overall (and yet again after so many months of not working with Numerology), I'm still a bit confused by Num's terminology. Most likely because "real" voltages (CV's, Gates, etc) are so ingrained in my system that I have a hard time wrapping my head around something which uses the same terms, but which doesn't do the same thing. If only Numerology didn't use MIDI and spew out real voltages for CV and clocks and gates...

@amsonx: I see you're using the Expert Sleepers' ES-1 interface (right?). I don't need their hardware, since my interface is DC-coupled.
I could use a LFO as a clock, but I was hoping for "something more" via another way (start/stop, reset, PWM, and more control over the clock's pulses).
I don't like SW because a) I don't really need it, given the [amount of] functionality in my modulars I have at hand, b) the mix&match of software and hardware is cumbersome (to me), and c) it's probably the ugliest software and UI I've ever witnessed; so much so it literally hurts.

@Wade: I'll have a look into that now, thanks !

Once again, apologies for not being familiar enough (yet) with Numerology. Same thing as before (last year): working on a project with a tight deadline, so no time to read up and study the manual, nor time enough in-between for some quality time with Numerology. This time things are looking better though.

cheers, all,
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