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Originally Posted by guyd2 View Post

@amsonx: I see you're using the Expert Sleepers' ES-1 interface (right?). I don't need their hardware, since my interface is DC-coupled.
I could use a LFO as a clock, but I was hoping for "something more" via another way (start/stop, reset, PWM, and more control over the clock's pulses).
I don't like SW because a) I don't really need it, given the [amount of] functionality in my modulars I have at hand, b) the mix&match of software and hardware is cumbersome (to me), and c) it's probably the ugliest software and UI I've ever witnessed; so much so it literally hurts.

cheers, all,
i agree with you about the ugly interface ..
about the Es-1 me too have a Dc coupled interface and i've found that this module is a great improvement, almost for me as i use a lot modulation from Numerology and even from SW.
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