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Originally Posted by jim View Post
No worries... The answer is that even though MIDI routing with the AU is a bit simpler, the VST has better MIDI timing. This is due to Ableton supporting MIDI output from VSTs but not from AUs (so the AU has to do a round-trip through the OS X MIDI Server).
I love to hear that! Didn't know actually, but I've been using the AU and found that the timing through the OS X IAC is delayed. Luckily it is delayed by a fixed amount so if there is just one note in a recorded MIDI track that you know should be on a downbeat you can always select all events and nudge them in place for perfect timing. But that only works if you record the (AU produced) MIDI first, not for a live performance rig.

With the new i7 MBPs I don't feel that I have to use Mainstage for CPU saving reasons so I'm looking forward to use Num VST in Live driving third-party instruments like Alchemy and Arturia's Moog Modular.
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