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Default I have a low low low CPU ceiling, bang hit my head again!

I really am getting frustrated after working with a very limiting CPU my 2.4 Ghz mid 2007 imac is just not playing nice.

I've been drooling over the new Retina macbook, but on reflection I must say I really just need more CPU power and next after that a screen. Soooo, I see that I could just about afford a new iMac without getting further in to Debt by much..

I would go for the 21.5" model upgraded to the 2.8 Ghz i7 to future proof my setup should my favourite programs support hyper threading a some point.

Would this be a good idea, or is the stock base model i5 2.5 quad core going to do well enough? I plan on upgrading the ram to the max allowable and perhaps also adding a SSD using in place of the DVD bay at some point.

Any ideas /suggestions and if anyone has the model in question and have been using it with CPU hungry plugs like Diva/Ace and Tassman I'd love to hear your experiences.

After much reading up it appears that the CPU gains in IVY bridge aren't that significant for my usage..



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