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I think I'm doing it! I made a bid on a 2011 iMac 2.7 i5 upgraded to 8 Gb ram. 1TB harddisk

I'm a little wary or at least aware that I might not be saving much from buying the coming base model iMac when it is realeased , Sept? Oct? Tomorrow? It's the maddening thing, but I just feel that I've waited long enough, I've got all these great Software Synths, and huge projects that I've worked out in Numerology and I'm constantly trying to futz around with CPU overload issues. I bought the Maschine a Looong time ago, and because of these issues I really haven't bothered intergrating it into my workflow. So now i find that I have the time to work, on the music, strangely when everyone elses is on holiday I find a pocket in time a place of peace, in the middle of a normally very busy neighbourhood here in the center of Copenhagen, a set of tired ears a razzled brain finds an oasis in the midst of all this activity alike a unexpected breeze on hot a day peace inhabits the city it's just a period of weeks every summer when everybody leaves and it's wonderfully restful and quite. Yes I'm forced to be here also because my Day Job as a grounds keeper requires it. But I love the outdoor chores and it make me feel a little like a own the right to live in this beautiful city because in my small way I contribute to the practical upkeep and workings of the place.

Anyways back to the computer, waiting until the new iMac is released in Sept or Oct means I be hobbled in my developement just when I have the time to use the gear..

So my reasoning then is to get a 1 year old used computer for 25% off the new price. That will give me some room in my budget, to get a MacBook pro in a year or so. This iMac 2.7 Ghz has enough power to keep me haapy I can dedicate this old 2.4 Ghz core duo to the Maschine and use it only for sampleplayback....

Those are my thoughts and background for this move. I save on the new price of the 2011 iMac by buying it used, and get access to more performance now or within about a weeks time instead of waiting two or three months, when my fall and winter duties wil be coming on line. Also I'd like to arrange a few concerts for the winter season so I need to get cracking if I'm going to bring something out...



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