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Originally Posted by JES View Post
Looks good. Depending on how your softsynths and software samplers work, you may benefit from bumping up the RAM once you have it (if money is tight, you can see if it's a problem). But you should get a big performance jump with that system.
The fellow said yes to my offer so I'll be the proud owner of a 9 month old iMac 27" 3.1 Ghz. It's great that it has 2 Thunderbolt ports plus firefwire 800 and ethernet port so i won't have to buy and extra dongles there. The only thing I'll need to get extra is the 16 Gb ram. Later I'll add a SSD and perhaps change the HD to a 2 TB.

Thanks for the information!! I'll soon finally be able to get more out of my projects and softsynths..


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