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Originally Posted by jim View Post
2: Screen space : Each module, and especially sequencing modules consume a decent amount of screen space. Once you have 3-4 of them, it gets to be an issue. My new favorite setup for the modular synth has 2 MonoNotes, 3 or 4 Mod Seqs, a DualLfo and other stuff. That's just for one voice, and I can't see it all at once -- a bit frustrating. My solution in this case is that I mostly control it via the Launchpad for the MonoNotes, plus a custom TouchOSC template for everything else.
Just on this point, have you ever thought about allowing several columns of modules in a stack? If the width of each module was a bit narrower you could fit 2 columns on a 15" MacBook, I could probably fit 3 on my Cinema Display.
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