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I'm just getting my feet wet with the demo again now I've bought a Push.

Playing with the mononote, one of the first features I looked for was the ability to have different sequence lengths for each characteristic - pitch/gate/rachet etc as that's what really helps to create evolving patterns so easily.

One reason why the mononote is so attractive is in it's integration with launchpad or push in my case. As soon as you move to the modular components, that is lost I believe.

Visually I think a simple line with drag handle below the select and mute strips would work fine. On launchpad/push should be relatively straightforward with a selector row at the top to choose which characteristic you want to change the length of.

The other thing that would be useful inputs to control sequence lengths that can be modulated externally, say via faderbox or a gate sequencer. Is this currently possible in some way?

With that said, I'm trying to achieve this using the individual components but I'm not sure how to? Maybe someone can advise. The Gate sequencer appears to have no rachet feature. Is the idea to have another gate sequencer as the clock? How about repeat and probability?

Regards, Tom
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