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Originally Posted by autopoiesis View Post
Ideally more than 4 parts (where a part is a discrete MIDI channel or CV output that can be the destination of a sequence). It seems that hardware sequencers get panned for having fewer than 16 parts these days (e.g., Octatrack).
I can see the draw of knowing that the option of 16 tracks is always available, and certainly for final mixing that quickly becomes the lower end of the number of tracks folks use, but I think with hardware it becomes a bear to manage more than just a few tracks at a time -- perhaps 3-4 'active' sequences, plus audio-looped backing tracks for a more 'produced' result.

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Originally Posted by autopoiesis View Post
UPDATE: Now that I think of it, what I described sounds like the perfect companion to a grid controller even for the studio setting. Launchpad on step sequencing duty; this encoder-rich box on the duties of CV generation, CV processing, CV routing, and arrangement editing. With both working together over USB, there would be virtually no need to touch a mouse or look at the computer screen. But now I'm getting way ahead of my already idiosyncratic fantasy
I've felt for a while that a Grid + something "faders n knobs n buttons" works very well for Numerology -- as you mention, the Grid for pattern editing, with other controls for things like LFOs, mix levels and so on. So, very much in agreement there....

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