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Numerology is very interesting piece of software, allowing generate and manipulate data in hundreds of different ways, it is very complex and unusual for the market, giving us chance to have different approach to music making...
but still, i`d like to generate data based on something i control, and then manipulate is so natural and simple just to take midi-keyboard, play some notes, find interesting melody or whatever, and then, develop it to the more complex thing using Numerology modules and algorithms...

For now, i`m not controlling any single thing, sometimes i`m getting interesting results just using mouse of course or randomizing function but most of the time it is sounds like shit)) There is no point to put some random notes to step-sequencer and then process it with some other randomizing sequencers, it still will be random data, even if it will be very complex setup.

I bought Num few weeks ago and little by little i`m giving it up... there are a lot of advanced functions but absence of some basic ones...

I understand your position but nobody will make fun of you if Numerology will have normal midi recording,or, even better, midi programming(i mean programming modules from external midi controllers function). I think that actually it will only do some good for you and others, more people will be able to use it, not only such a mad scientists as you, Jim

Anyway, thank you for your work, i hope my 1 hundred bucks will do you some good, and i will go back to my old tools for now i think...
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