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Originally Posted by eenixon View Post
Great tip and a _very_ sophisticated example of its use. Thanks very much. Getting from just sequencing to... _sequencing_ (with controlled variation) is a major step for me in using N to the max.

After about 3 months of using Numerology I felt I needed to find ways to break out of the straight jacket of looping phrases ad infinitum.. So these types of workflows have been one of my main areas of focus with the program... My tracks are all made in Numerology exclusively even though I have Apple Logic on my harddisk. I found that the tools available in Numerology are so flexible that I can usually always pull something unique and interesting out of the program. Many or in fact most don't know what to make of my music generated with these techniques but I don't let that worry me abit...Rebel with out a cause type of fellow I am I am..

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