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I'm not doing a video yet but here is a track with the project in action:

The project uses 11 stacks:

2 for modulating the output from the sequencers, by muting the midi note generators input.

1 Master trigger stack that houses gate sequencers dedicated to;
drum type Small Snare, Tambour and Toms high and Low,
the Bass Drum, Snare, Hihat, Cymbals.

Then the JBas one and the Organ which uses 3 gate sequencers, Soprano, Chord, and bass pedal.

It's mostly a tweak and sit job, till I find the right mix for the different parametres..

Each stack contains many modules between 20 and 40 it's all in name of breathability space, and variation.

One thing that I finding is helping to keep it all livng and open is to have finer subdivisions to 16 triplets or 8 triplets at the most for the individual figures..

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