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Default AU MX plugin issue with Push on Logic X


I'm about to use the Numerology AU MX plugin now in Logic X with the Ableton Push that I use to play nots etc. In order to control Logic X with Push I'm running the PXT-General and that works very well. But unfortunately, when I open an instance of the Numerology AU MX it kicks in the whole Numerology Supports Push shebang. Since one AU MX instance on a Logic track doesn't have any separate Keyboard Stack I cant play now. This situation seems a bad Catch 22 to me.

Any ideas how to solve this?

I wish there would be either a way to deactivate Numerology's Push support or that the Push support must only be active in the Numerology standalone version (where I totally love it, but with Logic I do need my rubber pads along the PXT-G setup)
Best wishes
Per Boysen
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