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Originally Posted by jue View Post

please be careful with the new SoundToys V5 update:

Upgrading to V5 the version V4 licenses are taken away from your iLok account and your existing work do no more load as it should!
Thank you for the warning! Time to not update then I guess :-)

Version 4 is fine for me and I like having my licenses on the iLok. If reading the v 5 info there doesn't seem to be much new to it. Since it is not mentioned I guess the bug in EchoBoy that I really suffer from is still there: if you assign external MIDI CC# control to both Input Level and Delay Feedback and work them instantly - as when freezing audio with a cross-fade assigned pedal - EchoBoy will crash the host within minutes. I emailed them about this years ago and got a great reply from one of their developers that said they are aware of the issue but lacking the time needed for fixing it.

I didn't like the upgrade from v3 to v4 either because they totally changed the way patches are saved and recalled. In v3 plugins were using the general AU or VST system so that you could store and recall patches from the host's system. But with v4 you have to open the plugin GUI and go through the SoundToys user interface to handle you patches library. So in fact I would rather prefer to going back to v3, if that was possible.
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