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Hello happy Per,

not upgrading saves you a lot of time and frustration !!

Will keep you informed when I see some light in the darknes,

Reading between the lines it seems they want to force their professional customers to keep the V4 and buy a full new V5, a real "clever" marketing.

For me the reuse of my self build Numerology Generators is very important, so I had to go thru and renew all Soundtoys settings again.
I did not make presets for each time I use one of the plugins, I just saved the stack and this seems to be a very big mistake.
And I used several similar Plugins like four Echoboys in one stack...
Now I have to make four different presets for this, the V5 loads them correct just with the name going to Default....
Then you have to resave again each preset with a new name ....

Now its up to you...


But I have to say that the new V5 Presets are working and the delay times up to 15 or 20 seconds of some of the plugins are real great.
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