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Originally Posted by Per Boysen View Post
My best production results, so far, has been to make the music in Numerology (standalone version) with some temporary synths plugins for monitoring my work and then simply record the MIDI to import into Logic for patching up the final synths and mixing it. Not as fun as the first (Mainstage) method, but more effective for me.
I did my last batch of stuff this way. I use mostly hardware synths and a few third-party synth plugins, so importing midi and au presets into Ableton from Numerology stand-alone was easy ... the biggest problem I had was I recorded a few really good takes of things without realizing I didn't have the midi on all the plugin-hosting stacks cabled to the output and it didn't get captured. I've switched to working with the plugin to see how that works out ... it would be so great if Live supported multi-channel midi from it.
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