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Default MIDI FX version issue in Logic with Push + PXT

It's great that Numerology in its standalone host version now supports Push. But when using the MIDI FX plugin version of Numerology the Push support becomes a problem, since Push users on Logic tend to use the PXT-G utility to set up the Push as a controller keyboard instrument surface for Logic. And the Numerology MFX effectively ruins this by grabbing the Push with rude force.

Is there a way to turn off Push support just for the MIDI FX version?

It could still be cool to have it though, IF the Num MIDI FX plugin lets go of the Push when you select a Logic track that isn't using the Num plugin. Just so we can play instruments on other tracks normally.

I just found a way switch the Push between following the Numerology MIDI plugin and acting as the keyboard controller for Logic. It was just a matter of pushing the "Scales" button! :-)

And I must add that I really appreciate this setup now! Thank you, Jim, for the awesome vision and hard work!
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