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Originally Posted by jim View Post
(which scales button, I'm curious
The button I've marked with red below. What I have noticed is that my Push 1 tends to go into "Numerology mode", especially if selecting a track in Logic that hosts an instance of the Numerology MIDI Fx plugin. That's great - useful, fun and good looking! When I want to record MIDI into a non-Numerology track I just need to push that Scales button and the Push 1 switches back to the PXT-G mode (which includes all kind of scales layouts for live playing as well as my own custom buttons setup for certain Kontakt orchestral libraries I use a lot).

Another thing I've noticed is that the CPU use increases dramatically as soon as I assign a MIDI controller knob to any of the Numerology MFX parameters. So that's a no-no. But with Logic as the host that's not a problem since we have the option to use Logic's own MIDI plugins to control velocity for the full Logic track/part as graphical automation; and I think that's even better because for me such tweaks do come in late in the production process.

But there is one aspect of Num MFX that I can't access by any of Logic's MIDI plugins and that is "dynamic note duration control". A bit of a shame, since that is so simple to do in Numerology (but as said above, if I assign a MIDI CC to control that through Logic the CPU strain goes into the red. Maybe one can build a "dynamic note duration control" script in Logic's MIDI plugin Scripter? Not time for that at the moment but it is a good plan to keep at hand in case a rainy day and a time window should sail up in synchronizity :-) )

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