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Originally Posted by apeirophobe View Post
I've had Numerology for a while but just recently started creating some slightly more complex projects than simple sequencers and ran into the following. Sorry if these have already been requested or if they are actually not issues and I just haven't discovered the workaround!

Cut, copy, paste - especially copy-drag with multiple selections.

Rack routing view should scroll when dragging cable connection to a destination out of view. Currently I have to minimize modules to see the destination but I'm creating a really large stack and I can see at some point I will no longer be able to do this.

Clicking on a cable or a connection point should highlight the cable an/or connection points.

Mouse/key shortcuts for moving or deleting a cable connection.

Good points there. Specially the highlight option. And scrolling.

I can add a trick that the nord modular uses to get less clutter on the screen.

Linking patch destinations.
Say you have 4 sequencers in a stack dat get a feed from cv1.
You connect it to the first sequencer.
And link the patch cable to the 3 other sequencers input from the first sequencers cv1 destination.

If it's not clear, I'll make a picture
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