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Originally Posted by autopoiesis View Post
I'm frankly having a hard time incorporating it into my setup because it brings some really unique things to the table while having some deal-breaking limitations (i.e., the 64 tracks thing) that prevent me from making it my central sequencer, especially for live performance. I thought it would at least play a valuable role in a studio setting, until I discovered the N4 + Launchpad combination which has blown everything else out of the water. I'm leaning on it mostly for CV to MIDI conversion at this point.

I'd love to be able to dump the consolidated MIDI data from my N4 sessions into a hardware sequencer that I can play live with, but I'd rather chop that up into hundreds of 4-36 bar clips that I can "improvise" with rather than divide that amongst only 64 clips (e.g., 8 songs each using 4 MIDI channels means you have only 2 "clips" per channel per song). I may have to look into something like an MPC for this kind of thing.
So if I'm parsing this correctly, you're after:
- 4 parts (combination of MIDI & CV)
- Multiple banks of presets -- essentially unlimited
- Ability to load/play/edit Numerology sequences.

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